Wee Bear

       Wee Bear

Stiffy & Friends - Wee Bear


      “Wee Bear is most important because she is my very      best friend.

       We play together all the time. Wee Bear is a             great dancer and she is four (teddy) years old.

      My Daddy told me that he was with my Maaaaa one day at the fairground. They had taken some children to the fair for a birthday party. They went on the rides and ate fairy floss… Suddenly a little bear came up to my Mummy, it was Wee Bear. She said she belonged to a man who worked there and was going to be a prize.

      This is a lovely way that some teddies meet their children…

      Wee Bear had seen my Mummy and knew she wanted to live with her straight away…  Oh please take me home with you   Wee Bear cried, then she jumped into her arms.

      The children all agreed it was a good idea and Mummy could not say no. Together, they all went to play the game so that they could win Wee Bear. I guess it was just meant to be, and I am so happy, ’cause now we are best friends…”