Tiny Scruffalofo

      Tiny Scruffalofo

Stiffy & Friends - Tiny


      “Tiny is the smallest teddy I have ever met. He has    lovely fur and the cutest face. Tiny is the smallest of      the Scruffalo brothers. He was also given to Maaaaa      by Aunty Elizabeth.

      He can easily fit into a teacup. His feet look really      big for such a small bear.

      When we all play hide‘n’seek it takes forever to find him. Tiny is very playful, he loves being so little and all the children say he is wonderful. They love to hold him in the palm of their hand, where he runs around as they sing ‘Round and round the garden like a teddy bear…’

    Tiny’s brothers are Bruno and Scruffy, and his best friend is Bogart, you will always see them together. Tiny likes to sit on Bogart’s shoulder.”