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3rd February 2019 – The best cruise to New Zealand

At the end of  2018, Stiffy the Bear, his friend Wee Bear and his Mummy and Daddy went on a cruise to New Zealand on the Sea Princess. The little teddies had caught the cruising bug since their last trip to North Queensland.

The New Year’s Eve voyage lasted two weeks and was their third ocean cruise. The little furry pair had become quite the celebrities with the other passengers. Everyone wanted a photo with them, including the ship’s Captain, as you will soon see in his next photo album.

Here is the first album of their holiday photos. Stiffy Bear hopes you enjoy sharing these adventures with him. Remember, you can email him at… or you can be friends with him on twitter and facebook as well!


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9th December 2018 – White, wonderful wizardry!

Stiffy the Bear is really enjoying talking about white animals! They are some of his favourite animals. He hopes you are enjoying reading all about them too.

There are so many… and they come in so many types. 

The magic little teddy will need your help to decide on the next series of animals. You can do this by sending the magical bear an email with your idea. Here is his address

Stiffy would love to talk to you about other fun and exciting things as well…

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2nd December 2018 – A white wonderland begins!

Stiffy Bear is so excited about this week’s animal adventure! He couldn’t believe his little button eyes when he saw Matthew’s suggestion to do white animals this week… 

Why, because a white wonderland reminds him of the time he spent with Santa Claus at the North Pole and everything Christmassy! 

If you want to help Stiffy Bear decide on the next series of animals, don’t forget to send the little teddy bear magician an email. Here is his address

Stiffy Bear is happy to talk to you about other fun and exciting things as well…

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25th November 2018 – Who knew that dinosaurs still existed?

Boy oh boy… Stiffy Bear has found even more dinosaurs! 

Who knew there were so many dinosaur relations still walking around the planet? 

If you want to help Stiffy Bear decide on the next series of animals, send the magical little teddy bear an email. Here is his address

What exciting animals will you come up with next?

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14th October 2018 – Can you see stripes? Who is wearing them?

Don’t forget to send us your ideas… email 

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7th October 2018 – OMG! They made it at last… but where???


At last… they have worked it out!!! It looks like everybody is happy with the decision.

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It’s what’s inside that counts! The truth about the bear…

Hi, everybody!!!

If you haven’t read my books yet, you are probably wondering how I got my name. It is a good name because it is very easy to remember as it describes me.

Back when I was just being sewn into a teddy bear, the lady who made me wanted to see what happened if you added extra stuffing. I remember her saying “it’s what’s inside that counts” and I’ve got more inside me than the average bear.

I burst into life as soon as the last stitch was made.  She giggled and said that I was the first bear that came to life in her hands, which meant that it really was what was inside that makes us teddy bears come to life.



Then she gasped, as she realised that she had put so much stuffing in that I couldn’t bend at all. I was in fact the stiffest bear she had ever made and named me “Stiffy Bear”. All the other bears cheered when they heard my name… no other bear had ever that this name before! A lot of teddy bears get given the same name, but I was truly a very special bear!


You can read all about me in my story books, just click here to see them. There are 3 now, and if you want a preview of my new book being created right now, you can email me at and I’ll send you a sneak peek.

Don’t forget, you can also email me with any ideas of things you would like to see me do in my books still to come.

I love reading all your messages… and your ideas are really special and can be a part of the Stiffy Bear Story Books.

 I can’t wait to hear from you,

Your friend Stiffy Bear     

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