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Are the bears dangerous?

Boy oh boy!!!

I hope you have enjoyed meeting some of my friends over the last few weeks. They are very special to me!

This week I will be showing you some photos we took on our holiday to Bribie Island. I reckon you will really like them. I’ll be posting some each week.

Here are the first few…

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What is a London Bus doing here?

Before you knew it, the Sea Princess had made its way to the next little port. Stiffy Bear and Wee Bear especially picked these photos to share with you. This was a real treat for the teddies, as riding in a bright red double-decker bus was almost as good as a steam train ride. Remember, you can talk to him about all his adventures at: 

Don’t forget to be friends with him on twitter and like him on Facebook as well! By the way, Stiffy would be really happy if you shared this with your friends too.

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16th February 2019 – Where are those bears?

Well, as promised, here is the next photo album… when Stiffy Bear, Wee Bear, Mummy and Daddy went on a tour of Dunedin. We sure hope you are enjoying the teddy bear’s holiday pics. As you can see it has been quite the adventure for these mischievous bears. You can talk to him about all his adventures at or you can be friends with him on twitter and Facebook as well!

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27th October 2018 – How popular are stripes?

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