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2nd June 2018 – How is Mr Stiffmeister’s cruise going?

Continuing on from last week, Stiffy Bear has been on a Princess Cruise up the Queensland Coast.

Last week he told you about his stop in Sydney. After Sydney the boat headed north for Airlie Beach. This is the port that leads to the Whitsunday Islands. Along the way we went right by Coolangatta (Stiffy Bear’s home). Here is a photo as we went by… the sun was just setting as we sailed by.

There was a big party that night and we all know that teddy bears love parties. Stiffy and Wee Bear decided it was a good night to go looking for him… and there he was, STANLEY the stowaway bear. Boy oh Boy! He looks like the captain!

To read more about the little bear’s adventures, Stiffy Bear books can be purchased on Amazon’s. 

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