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9th September – Fun in the sun!!!

What a beautiful day it is at Coolangatta today! Stiffy Bear and Wee Bear decided to go for a walk to Greenmount Beach. This is a favourite place for children to swim.

Mummy had to be very patient because they take a long time to walk anywhere. Their little legs look like they are moving fast but they only take tiny little steps. Make sure you don’t get too much sun Stiffy Bear. That’s a good idea, sit in the shade whenever you can.

But if you can’t be in the shade, you should wear your sunglasses and a hat when you can. Stiffy Bear and Wee Bear are just about to have a swim, so they have taken their hats off. The water looks nice in the Beach House pool at Coolangatta. They will have to get their swimming togs on…

Keep a lookout as you might see Stiffy Bear at a beach you visit.

To read more about the little bear’s adventures, Stiffy Bear books can be purchased on Amazon’s.  


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