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25th November 2018 – Who knew that dinosaurs still existed?

Boy oh boy… Stiffy Bear has found even more dinosaurs! 

Who knew there were so many dinosaur relations still walking around the planet? 

If you want to help Stiffy Bear decide on the next series of animals, send the magical little teddy bear an email. Here is his address

What exciting animals will you come up with next?

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18th November 2018 – Scales, Claws and Shells… What’s fun about them?

Wow! Just like Wee Bear said, aren’t they scary and funny looking! 

Who would have thought our very own echidnas and platypuses were direct descendants of dinosaurs? If you want to help the gang decide on the next series of animals, send Stiffy Bear an email… just let Stiffy Bear know what animals you want to see. 

Here is his address 

You got your dinosaurs!

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14th October 2018 – Can you see stripes? Who is wearing them?

Don’t forget to send us your ideas… email 

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9th September – Fun in the sun!!!

What a beautiful day it is at Coolangatta today! Stiffy Bear and Wee Bear decided to go for a walk to Greenmount Beach. This is a favourite place for children to swim.

Mummy had to be very patient because they take a long time to walk anywhere. Their little legs look like they are moving fast but they only take tiny little steps. Make sure you don’t get too much sun Stiffy Bear. That’s a good idea, sit in the shade whenever you can.

But if you can’t be in the shade, you should wear your sunglasses and a hat when you can. Stiffy Bear and Wee Bear are just about to have a swim, so they have taken their hats off. The water looks nice in the Beach House pool at Coolangatta. They will have to get their swimming togs on…

Keep a lookout as you might see Stiffy Bear at a beach you visit.

To read more about the little bear’s adventures, Stiffy Bear books can be purchased on Amazon’s.  


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30th June 2018 – Where is the bear… and who is Douglas?

Stiffy Bear is back with more stories about his cruise up the Queensland Coast…

Next port – Port Douglas! It was a beautiful day… first thing most of us did was go straight to the beach. There was a special area you had to swim in to make sure you didn’t get stung by any jellyfish. The man at the beach told me they can really hurt.

The beach was really wide and it didn’t have waves like we are used to at Coolangatta. It was really hot though, so everyone went for a swim to cool off.

The next thing we did was go on a steam train ride. Here is a picture of the man turning the train around so it can go the other way. They have to do this at each end. This is the Ballyhooley Steam Railway. It goes from the Marina to St Crispin’s Station. 

My daddy looks like he is going to drive! I hope he has a train driving licence… 

It sure is a pretty place at the other end. 

  The lady told us that there is a little crocodile in the lake. He got washed in during the floods and his name is “Snappy”

Anyway, we had a lovely time… and here comes our train to take us back to the Marina.

We were on our way back to the ship, when suddenly, out of the corner of my eye, I spotted a little Teddy.

His name is Douglas and he is my new friend. He is a world traveller and so he decided to come with us back to the ship.

To read more about the little bear’s adventures, Stiffy Bear books can be purchased on Amazon’s. 

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14th April 2018 – What has Mr Stiffmeister been up to today?

I bet you are wondering what Stiffy (stiffmeister) bear is doing now!

Well, it is a little bit rainy where this little bear lives on the Gold Coast.

So he has been entertaining himself playing the intrepid adventurer “Indiana Bear”.

This adventure looks like Stiffy Bear has flown to Africa to see all the amazing animals.

Here is a photo to prove it!


Stiffy Bear books can be purchased on Amazon’s 

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