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What is on your list of things to do at Bribie Island?

Boy oh Boy!!! You came back. I guess you liked my holiday photos. There was so much to do, that we didn’t get to do everything and so we are definitely going back. We really like Woorim Beach because it has surf, but we might stay on the other side of the island, at Bellara, next time. My daddy said that we can go fishin’ there.

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Ice-Cream… Beach… Shells

Everybody loves this stuff! Especially a couple of roving teddy bears.

You can see how much fun we were having in the next few photos…

I hope you like them enough to have a look and come back next week to see the rest.

Bye, bye

Your friend Stiffy Bear

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Are the bears dangerous?

Boy oh boy!!!

I hope you have enjoyed meeting some of my friends over the last few weeks. They are very special to me!

This week I will be showing you some photos we took on our holiday to Bribie Island. I reckon you will really like them. I’ll be posting some each week.

Here are the first few…

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7th May 2018 – What has Mr Stiffmeister been up to lately?

Where has Mr Stiffmeister been lately?.

Stiffy Bear, as he is affectionately known, has returned from his boat cruise… but he has not had time to fill me in yet on his adventures as he took off straight away for a weekend at Bribie Island.

Boy oh boy does this little bear get around!

He will fill you in on all his adventures when he gets back.

Here is a picture of the view from his unit of the beautiful Pumicestone Passage and the bridge across.

Stiffy and Wee Bear have also been caught bouncing on the bed!!

Stiffy Bear books can be purchased on Amazon’s 

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