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What is on your list of things to do at Bribie Island?

Boy oh Boy!!! You came back. I guess you liked my holiday photos. There was so much to do, that we didn’t get to do everything and so we are definitely going back. We really like Woorim Beach because it has surf, but we might stay on the other side of the island, at Bellara, next time. My daddy said that we can go fishin’ there.

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Amazing! How can a train drive on the road?

Gosh, we are really getting a wiggle on. This week, Stiffy and Wee Bear’s photo album takes you to Wellington and Napier. The little teddies were overly excited about seeing the working sheep farm… but not as thrilled as when Stiffy Bear caught sight of a steam train driving right up the main street in Napier? “Boy oh Boy!” he shouted. Remember, you can talk to him about all his adventures at:

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9th December 2018 – White, wonderful wizardry!

Stiffy the Bear is really enjoying talking about white animals! They are some of his favourite animals. He hopes you are enjoying reading all about them too.

There are so many… and they come in so many types. 

The magic little teddy will need your help to decide on the next series of animals. You can do this by sending the magical bear an email with your idea. Here is his address

Stiffy would love to talk to you about other fun and exciting things as well…

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25th November 2018 – Who knew that dinosaurs still existed?

Boy oh boy… Stiffy Bear has found even more dinosaurs! 

Who knew there were so many dinosaur relations still walking around the planet? 

If you want to help Stiffy Bear decide on the next series of animals, send the magical little teddy bear an email. Here is his address

What exciting animals will you come up with next?

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18th November 2018 – Scales, Claws and Shells… What’s fun about them?

Wow! Just like Wee Bear said, aren’t they scary and funny looking! 

Who would have thought our very own echidnas and platypuses were direct descendants of dinosaurs? If you want to help the gang decide on the next series of animals, send Stiffy Bear an email… just let Stiffy Bear know what animals you want to see. 

Here is his address 

You got your dinosaurs!

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14th October 2018 – Can you see stripes? Who is wearing them?

Don’t forget to send us your ideas… email 

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1st October – And the rhyme keeps on going… showing no signs of slowing!












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23rd September – Can you rhyme at Teddy time? Will they ever decide where to go?  Looks like the bears are getting a little distracted…























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9th September – Fun in the sun!!!

What a beautiful day it is at Coolangatta today! Stiffy Bear and Wee Bear decided to go for a walk to Greenmount Beach. This is a favourite place for children to swim.

Mummy had to be very patient because they take a long time to walk anywhere. Their little legs look like they are moving fast but they only take tiny little steps. Make sure you don’t get too much sun Stiffy Bear. That’s a good idea, sit in the shade whenever you can.

But if you can’t be in the shade, you should wear your sunglasses and a hat when you can. Stiffy Bear and Wee Bear are just about to have a swim, so they have taken their hats off. The water looks nice in the Beach House pool at Coolangatta. They will have to get their swimming togs on…

Keep a lookout as you might see Stiffy Bear at a beach you visit.

To read more about the little bear’s adventures, Stiffy Bear books can be purchased on Amazon’s.  


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28th July 2018 – The last miles…

Stiffy Bear is back with more stories about his cruise up the Queensland Coast…

After Port Douglas, we are basically on our way home!

 One more stop… and this has got to be the smallest inhabited island. Willis Island is 450 kilometres east of Cairns. It is 500 metres long and only 150 metres wide.

 Look at how little it is!

From here we just have a couple of days to go. But first mummy got to be a finalist in “The Voice of the Ocean” competition. Boy oh Boy! She looks a little bit scared… 

She looks a lot happier afterwards. 

On our last night, we got to go to the balloon drop. Wow! That was so much fun. Hundreds of balloons and we got to jump on them and bust them!

Last day and here we go back under the Gateway Bridge and back to Brisbane. What fun!!!! Can’t wait to do that again…………….

To read more about the little bear’s adventures, Stiffy Bear books can be purchased on Amazon’s. 

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