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Stiffy Bear’s Grand Final Party

As every AFL footy supporter knows, whether they are a teddy or a person, the last Saturday in September is Grand Final Day!

My Maaa and Daddy said that I could have some friends over to watch the game. Wee Bear and I had a lot of fun blowing up balloons and making streamers for the two teams. Here we are all ready to go, just waiting for our friends to arrive.

It’s half time and we are all very hungry. It is hard work cheering! Maaa made us a pizza each. Yummy yum yum.

The game is back on and we got the best spot… right in front of the telly! Come on you lot, stop eating pizza and sit back down.

What a wonderful day! Both teams played really well, it is a shame that somebody has to lose. We cheered for both of them… see our flags have a tiger and a giant G on them.

We can’t wait for the next exciting thing. Maaa and Daddy are taking us to Tasmania soon, and Wee Bear and I are going on a steam train ride. Boy oh Boy! It will be such fun.

Bye Bye

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