Stiffy Bear Scoop – See my potential

     Well, daddy has finally realised that he needs to write a book about teddy bears. Boy…that took a while. Now daddy is trying to decide which bear he should use…I can’t believe it! I am stuck at the back…all the other bears have pushed in front of me! What if he can’t see me…I know, I’ll wiggle my black ears so he can see my potential?

See my potential

     “I remember finding you in a pile of rubbish…and I decided to save your life and bring you home! I think you might be the perfect bear for the job. Now what is your name?” Daddy said.

      Great, daddy remembered me! He looked at me and noticed I was so tightly packed with stuffing that I didn’t bend at all…

     Daddy named me Stiffy Bear, because I was so stiff and unbendable!