Stiffy Bear goes to Cooly Rocks On

Boy oh boy!!! Did we ever have fun at Cooly Rocks On… It was the biggest yet and went all the way along Kirra Beach, Coolangatta Beach, Greenmount and into the giant park at Tweed Heads next to the Jack Evans Boat Harbour. It was HUGE!

My maaaaa and my daddy got to walk around and see all the big cars like Cadillacs and Chevrolets went they went by themselves.

Yesterday, we went with them and we found some cars that were just the right size for Wee Bear and me.

The Goggomobile and the Fiat 500 are still  pretty big cars to us, here are some pictures…

Maaaaa took me to see my favourite cars at Cooly Rocks OnCan't believe how big these cars areHere is me and Wee Bear walking around the show