Snowy Bear

Stiffy & Friends - Snowy


    “Snowy Bear is pure white and always wears her scarf      and hat. Snowy is a Christmas bear, which means she          came from the North Pole, where Santa Claus lives.

     Mummy said Snowy was her first teddy, but I don’t know how old she is in (teddy) years.

      Maaaaa told me Snowy Bear got given to her for Christmas by her mother, who is my grandma. Grandma’s name is Pamela.

      Snowy is the third biggest bear out of all of us, she is always smiling and has a lot of other friends who are rabbits. Daddy told me there is a storybook all about Snowy’s rabbit friends, so I can’t wait for him to read it to me.

      Grandma Pam is also in the stories, she makes some of our play clothes…”