Scruffy Scuffalofo

Stiffy & Friends - Scruffy

     “Scruffy Bear was made by Daddy’s sister    Elizabeth, he is very hairy and has long arms.

      Elizabeth is my Aunty, and she has made lots of   teddies. I am sure you will be able to read  more about   her in my story books later.

      Scruffy has a very kind nature. He is gentle and caring, like all bears. I think because he is so quiet, I notice how nice he is even more…

      My Maaaaa called him Scruffy, when she got him for Christmas, ’cause his fur sticks out all over the place. It’s what Mummy and Daddy love most about him. Scruffy is like me, he just loves honey!

      Once he got honey all over his fur. My Mummy said it took a long         time to clean him up because he is so hairy. Scruffy’s best friend is Walter… and Scruffy is also the little brother of Bruno.”