Paddy Platypus 

Stiffy & Friends - Platypus


      “Paddy Platypus… well all the children who come   from Australia know what he is, but if you come from   another country, a platypus is a very rare and strange     little animal.

      My friend Paddy is not a teddy. He looks a bit like a duck with very short legs. These animals are only found in Australia and live in creeks and rivers. They are sort of half beaver and half duck with webbed feet, he-he-he !!

      Mummy has had Paddy Platypus since she was just a little girl. They have always been together, she told me he was found in the ‘Lost Forest’… Grandma Pam said that was just at the end of their garden, where Mummy used to play as a little girl…

      He squeaks when he talks, it is quite funny. He likes it outside in the garden more than in the house. All the garden animals and birds at home love him very much.

      Paddy snores loudly when he’s asleep…”