Next stop… Coffs Harbour!

Well, we have had a lot of fun at Labrador. It is a great spot, and so close to Seaworld and the other parks… Me and Wee Bear are exhausted! We are ready for some time in the country now. We will head there tomorrow. So one last look at Labrador at night!Labrador at night!

We are all packed and heading for Coffs Harbour. It is just a couple of hours drive. We are going to stay at a place called Boambee Bay Resort. I can’t wait! My maaaaa keeps telling me to stop bouncing up and down, but I am so excited!

We are here at last…DSCN3836 It is so pretty here and what a great pool. Me and Wee Bear played here for hours. My maaaa told us not to run around the pool and we had to wear hats.

Gardens pool