Grumpy Bear

Stiffy & Friends - Grumpy


      “Grumpy Bear is not really grumpy at all…                    My Daddy has a friend called Gisela. She lives on              the other side of the world in a place called Germany.

      A long time ago Gisela came to Australia for a visit.       One day Mummy and Daddy went out shopping with Gisela. While they were out, Gisela noticed a brother and sister pair of teddy bears. One was blue and the other was honey coloured.

      The two small bears soon became very close to Gisela. Teddy Blue became her best friend, and Gisela gave the other teddy to my Daddy when she went back home. Mummy said that the other bear wanted to go too and looked very grumpy… he wasn’t though, Grumpy loved Daddy and was happy to stay.

      They all laughed at Mummy calling him Grumpy and decided this was his new name. He likes to visit Teddy Blue and Gisela whenever he can.

      Grumpy is really always happy, and loves honey too…”