From the Fairy Garden!

        “Where has Stiffy Bear been?” I hear you ask. That’s right I have been a bit scarce for the last couple of weeks.

Where has Stiffy Bear been...

        Well, I have been going to visit lots of kids… This is how I am helping my daddy.

        You see, because my daddy has been sooooo busy he has asked for me to help. We want to know what kids want to read about and so I have been going to pre-schools and kindergartens to read my books to the kids and also to find out what they like.

It has been a lot of fun so far and we are getting some great ideas!

If we haven’t visited you and you want to share some ideas you can email me at

        I’ll always answer your letters… and you can be a part of making my stories.

        I hope to hear from you really soon,

                                                                                  Your friend Stiffy Bear