Fairy Garden News!

Hi, everybody!!!

My latest book is started… but it is a lot of work!

Of course, we are also renovating our house and because that takes a lot of time as well, it is going to take a little while. I hope you can be patient.

If you want a preview of the new book you can email me at stiffy@stiffythebear.com and I’ll send you a sneak peek. You can also email me with any ideas of things you would like to see me do in my books still to come.

I love reading all your messages… and your ideas really can be a part of the Stiffy Bear Story Books.

Here are some pictures of me renovating…



DSCN3964 DSCN3965


DSCN3925 DSCN3955


DSCN3975 DSCN3972

And here I am , with Wee Bear watching my daddy working…


I can’t wait to hear from you,

                                                                                  Your friend Stiffy Bear