Colour-In Pictures (Click on the pictures to download)


“Stiffy Bear” is helping plant flowers in the garden “Stiffy Bear” shares with Wee Bear
“Stiffo the Great” is his magician name “Stiffy Bear” and “Rosy” the Ladybug
“Stiffy Bear” was delivered by Santa “Stiffy Bear” has got honey everywhere
“Stiffy Bear” loves his honey “Stiffy Bear” loves playing his Tuba
“Stiffy Bear” is having fun flying his new kite “Stiffy Bear” loves fishing with his Daddy
“Stiffy Bear” is very good at playing golf “Stiffy Bear” collects the mail for Mummy & Daddy
“Stiffy Bear” has picked some flowers for Wee Bear “Stiffy Bear” loves magic – where is that rabbit?
“Stiffy Bear” loves sleeping in his hammock “Stiffy Bear” is at the beach