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Teddy Bear visits the Top End of Australia

Hi everybody,

Boy oh boy!!!! What an exciting week.

I have met 2 ladies from Darwin, Aunty Chris and Aunty Faye.

I was just minding my own business… snoozing on my shelf, when they suddenly appeared. I must admit that I felt a little bit like a rock star ’cause they wanted their picture taken with me to show how cute I was to their grandchildren in Darwin… and to prove that I am a real teddy bear when they show them my story books.

Stiffy visits Top End (Have a look!!!!!)

That’s right I am heading up to Darwin!

Your friend Stiffy Bear

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History of Christmas…

Most people don’t know, but teddy bears have always had a huge part to play in celebrating Christmas! 

The legend goes that all teddy bears are born on Christmas Eve… that is when Santa uses his magic dust to bring each bear to life so that they can choose their family.


People don’t choose the bear you know… it is the bear that chooses you!

So, if you should be lucky enough to be chosen, it must mean that you are a really special person.

Teddy bears are hoping to find more and more people who know how to love every year. This will mean that more and more bears will have to come to life.


What a wonderful world that would be?

You can read more in my first book about how I came to life…


Merry Christmas everybody.

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Love Holidays!

Don’t you just love holidays?

In case you are wondering where has Stiffy Bear been…

well, he’s on a holiday. That’s right!

This little bear has many adventures and some of them include his holidays. Where does a teddy bear go on holidays?

Stiffy Bear still loves Australia’s Gold Coast and he hasn’t seen it all yet…

So he is visiting the north end and staying at Labrador. His unit overlooks the calm  waters of the Broadwater, which is a bit of a different view for him from the beach.

Here are some photos so you know what it looks like…

Here we are...

View of Surfers Paradise and Broadwater

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Stiffy Bear Scoop! Silly names…

“What do you mean, you think my name is silly? I might think you have a silly name? Well, I’m just a little bear…don’t laugh and be mean to me! Now that you have that out of your system…I’ll go on… Look out next week for the start of my adventures!”

Stiffy Bear Story Books Exhibition Banner

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Stiffy Bear Scoop – First Edition!


My first book was ready to print. Here is what the cover looks like and you can buy it on my website or through Amazon’s.

Stiffy arrives in Australia

I have got my own website!

I’m on Facebook and twitter… and

a technological wonder for a little teddy bear!

Everything was in place… I hope everyone loves me?


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Stiffy Bear Scoop – New Song Release

Wow!!! Daddy is really getting into this. He has written me a song…Everybody will love this… my song, colouring ins, puzzles…what a book! Even I want to buy one, but teddy bears haven’t got any pockets to keep money in.

 Sing along with Stiffy Bear’s Song…

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Stiffy Bear Scoop – Immortalized!

The book was written… boy that was quick!

Oh no…daddy is making me stand for hours and hours drawing me. I wasn’t ready for this. I’m a bear!

Oh No...Daddy is making me stand still to draw me!

Oh No…Daddy is making me stand still to draw me!

I’m supposed to play, not stand still for ages.

I didn’t think about this when I wiggled my ears to get daddy’s attention to pick me.

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Stiffy Bear Scoop – See my potential

     Well, daddy has finally realised that he needs to write a book about teddy bears. Boy…that took a while. Now daddy is trying to decide which bear he should use…I can’t believe it! I am stuck at the back…all the other bears have pushed in front of me! What if he can’t see me…I know, I’ll wiggle my black ears so he can see my potential?

See my potential

     “I remember finding you in a pile of rubbish…and I decided to save your life and bring you home! I think you might be the perfect bear for the job. Now what is your name?” Daddy said.

      Great, daddy remembered me! He looked at me and noticed I was so tightly packed with stuffing that I didn’t bend at all…

     Daddy named me Stiffy Bear, because I was so stiff and unbendable!

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Stiffy Bear Scoop – One giant step for a Teddy Bear!

Wee Bear

   I met my best girl, Wee Bear, at my new family’s home and life couldn’t be better. Australia was a land of great adventure and I eventually decided to leave the safety of the bedroom to become an intrepid explorer.

Stiffy Bear Adventurer

After all, I could turn my paw to most things and had more stuffing than the average bear.

I was poised ready to leap into success…

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Stiffy Bear Scoop – Midnight Mischief!!!


Stiffo the Great performs magic

My talents were vast… I had the knack of being able to do a lot of different things and didn’t mind “showing off” in front of people. I guess most people don’t know that teddy bears are really alive. That’s right…

Some Bears

Just for fun, we “Teddy Bears” would come alive at night and move everything about in the children’s bedrooms…

Boy-oh-boy!!! They never guessed it was the bears making all that mischief.

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