Bruno Scruffalofo

Stiffy & Friends - Bruno


      “Bruno is Scruffy’s older brother and he has got     really long arms and legs. He also has very long fur     and a big snout.

      My Daddy told me that Bruno was one of the first   teddies his sister made for him. He is very special   because of this and given to Daddy at Christmas.

      Bruno is very floppy, he is nothing like me! We all tease him a lot ’cause he hardly ever moves.

      Bruno sits with his legs crossed all day long. If one of the other bears tries to get him to join in a game, he just pretends to be too busy, it’s funny.

      Boy oh boy! I could not be like that, because I talk way too much and can’t keep still for a minute… until it is bedtime of course.

      My Mummy says it’s not Bruno’s fault that he is so floppy, he has been specially made to be a doorstop bear, and that is why he is always sitting down. Everyone likes him and when he does play with us he is always tripping over his great big feet, we all laugh together, it is so much fun…”