Brightie Bear

Stiffy & Friends - Brightie


       “Brightie’s full name is Bright Yellow Teddy. He was    given to my Daddy by Mary the Bear Doctor.

      Sometimes teddies need fixing, so we have a very          special lady called the ‘ Bear Doctor ’ who is friends          with Mummy and Daddy.

      Doctor Mary knows everything about making bears and fixing them up. Mary is like my Aunty Elizabeth, but my Aunty lives too far away, so Mary looks after us…

      Brightie was a gift to Daddy from Mary, you see, she knew he did not have any yellow bears. Brightie has great big ears, very soft fur and brown paw pads.

      Daddy told me he is like the very first style teddy bears made over 100 years ago…Wow !! I think you can find out a bit more about teddies by clicking the ‘About’ tab on my web site. Imagine, a teddy 100 years old…”