Bogart Bear 

Stiffy & Friends - Bogart


      “Bogart Bear was Daddy’s first teddy…  He is the    oldest, and that may be why he is the biggest…

      Bogart looks after all the other bears. Tiny Bear is    his favourite. Bogart carries him on his shoulder so      that he doesn’t get left behind.

      I think Bogart was given to my Daddy for Christmas when he was little. They have been together for a long time…

      When we all go to the park to play on the swings, Daddy is the only one who can push Bogart because he is so big. We all laugh when Tiny Bear says he will do it for Daddy.

      Bogart loves peanut butter more than honey. He also loves milk.

       It is great being around Bogart Bear, he is like my big brother…”