23rd June 2018 – Ted Cruise???

Stiffy Bear… or Ted Cruise as he now calls himself, is back with more stories about his cruise up the Queensland Coast.

Next port – Cairns! It was Anzac Day when we pulled into port so there were some different things going on.

See how high up we are on the ship. It is a long way down to the water. We just have to walk off the ship here, so we won’t have to catch the little boats. I think Stiffy Bear was a little disappointed about that!

The chefs also made a special cake to celebrate Anzac Day and made Anzac Biscuits for everyone to enjoy. Unfortunately, a couple of little furry paws have removed some icing and made New Zealand disappear from the cake. Naughty Bears!

The weather was perfect again and so we went for a walk into town. It was great to see such a turn out for the Anzac Day service. 

It sure is a pretty town, and the lagoon was a special favourite of the bears. It was a public holiday, so there were plenty of children about to make a fuss of the bears. They were a real hit!

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