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The most exciting Christmas story book!

Stiffy the Bear couldn’t help himself this time. He is so excited about Christmas! You know that this is every teddy bear’s favourite time of year.

The magical little bear was so happy that Angela, from Sydney, suggested Christmas creatures. That is why he put the Angel in his story and made it more like a storybook for you all to enjoy.

Keep those emails coming with what you would like to see next. Just send Stiffy Bear an email with your idea. Here is his address

 Thank you so much for sharing all of Stiffy Bear’s adventures this year. He has enjoyed your company and the many emails you have sent him.

We hope you have a very Merry Christmas and look forward to seeing you all again in 2019.








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9th December 2018 – White, wonderful wizardry!

Stiffy the Bear is really enjoying talking about white animals! They are some of his favourite animals. He hopes you are enjoying reading all about them too.

There are so many… and they come in so many types. 

The magic little teddy will need your help to decide on the next series of animals. You can do this by sending the magical bear an email with your idea. Here is his address

Stiffy would love to talk to you about other fun and exciting things as well…

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2nd December 2018 – A white wonderland begins!

Stiffy Bear is so excited about this week’s animal adventure! He couldn’t believe his little button eyes when he saw Matthew’s suggestion to do white animals this week… 

Why, because a white wonderland reminds him of the time he spent with Santa Claus at the North Pole and everything Christmassy! 

If you want to help Stiffy Bear decide on the next series of animals, don’t forget to send the little teddy bear magician an email. Here is his address

Stiffy Bear is happy to talk to you about other fun and exciting things as well…

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