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Surprise visit from Stiffy Bear’s Cousins!

Boy oh Boy!!!

Guess what everybody… I was so excited when my cousins came to visit me at my new house.

They brought some extra friends along and we had so much fun. They slept over as well for a couple of nights so we were able to do lots and lots of things together!

At my new house we have a pool that we went swimming in… we walked to the beach and played there for a while… We sang karaoke and danced…

Here are some photos of Britnee, Wee Bear, Star (she’s a unicorn) and me, singing “I just wanna be your teddy bear”

DSCN3919 DSCN3918

We rode on the swings down the road and we also went out for dinner… We played in the kids room and my cousins (Kaitlyn, Brayden and Britnee) found lots of furry toys, that are now all my new friends!

See… here we all are playing together!


 There are 3 unicorns, a blue dinosaur and 2 mushrooms that have joined my family of friends… I’ll tell you more about them next time!

Bye Bye! from your friend Stiffy Bear…

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Children’s Book Character comes alive!

Hi everybody,

My name is Stiffy Bear and my Daddy has been too busy to work on my story books for a while… however, he has secretly started my next book.

The most important thing about me is that I am not really a toy teddy bear. I sometimes pretend to be a toy because I get scared. When I am happy, I am alive…


I am finally back at home at Coolangatta now and boy oh boy!!! am I happy. I won’t be travelling around very much for a little while because my Daddy needs me to help him. So I will be able to tell you little secrets about what is coming soon. I will call it…

“From the fairy garden”

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