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Teddy Bear Christmas

What did the bear and his family get up to at Christmas? Well in Australia it is summer and so Christmas activities are swimming… swimming and more swimming. We eat cold chicken and ham with salad, and we like trifle and christmas cake or pudding for dessert. Here are some pictures of me and my family at Christmas.

At homeDSCN3900DSCN3902DSCN3906

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History of Christmas…

Most people don’t know, but teddy bears have always had a huge part to play in celebrating Christmas! 

The legend goes that all teddy bears are born on Christmas Eve… that is when Santa uses his magic dust to bring each bear to life so that they can choose their family.


People don’t choose the bear you know… it is the bear that chooses you!

So, if you should be lucky enough to be chosen, it must mean that you are a really special person.

Teddy bears are hoping to find more and more people who know how to love every year. This will mean that more and more bears will have to come to life.


What a wonderful world that would be?

You can read more in my first book about how I came to life…


Merry Christmas everybody.

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How exciting! A movie about my hero, Paddington Bear…

Boy oh Boy! Can you believe it? I couldn’t believe my own little eyes…


When I went with my Daddy to the book shop to meet the children who like my story books, we saw aaaaall the posters…

My hero, Paddington Bear, who I met personally on Teddy Island a few years ago, is the star of a brand new movie. He was an orphan too, so he and I became great friends!

 You can count on PB to always make a high quality, fun family show. I will be going to see it for sure, along with all my teddy friends. Me and my best friend Wee Bear always get ice-cream when we go to the movies!!!

Page 38

 I couldn’t be as brave as him and wear a hat like his though… it would cover up my ears. Boy that would be a disaster! How could you see how cute I was if you couldn’t see my ears?

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Next stop… Coffs Harbour!

Well, we have had a lot of fun at Labrador. It is a great spot, and so close to Seaworld and the other parks… Me and Wee Bear are exhausted! We are ready for some time in the country now. We will head there tomorrow. So one last look at Labrador at night!Labrador at night!

We are all packed and heading for Coffs Harbour. It is just a couple of hours drive. We are going to stay at a place called Boambee Bay Resort. I can’t wait! My maaaaa keeps telling me to stop bouncing up and down, but I am so excited!

We are here at last…DSCN3836 It is so pretty here and what a great pool. Me and Wee Bear played here for hours. My maaaa told us not to run around the pool and we had to wear hats.

Gardens pool
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