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Free family fun!!! Pelican feeding… he holds more in his beak than his belly can.

One of my favourite days was when we went to the Pelican Feeding at Charis Seafood Restaurant at Labrador! This is a MUST DO if you are ever anywhere near here.


It happens everyday at lunchtime! The Pelicans know what time it is, ’cause just before it is time to start, they all start to fly in to get the best spot… for the most food!!!


Boy oh Boy!!! I thought I could eat a lot… these guys are something else! They just keep catching the fish and filling up their beaks for later.


I bet no-one would invite them to a smorgasbord!!! They eat too much!!!


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Where are the best places to go on the Gold Coast?

Well… Stiffy Bear has been very busy! It has been a while since he last posted anything ’cause he has been on holidays and moved to a new house in Coolangatta.

Any way, finally he has time to start telling you all about where he has been. Stiffy Bear loves the Gold Coast and he wants to discover the best places to go! If you know of somewhere he should try please email him at


I want to tell everyone aaaalll about it, Maaaaa! First we went to Labrador and stayed at Sandy Point Beach Resort where Steve (the manager) made us all feel very welcome! It is a wonderful place to stay… and really big rooms! Mummy and Daddy shared, but me and Wee Bear got our own rooms each.


Sandy Point Beach Resort - Labrador

Sandy Point Beach Resort – Labrador

We had a really good view of the water and all the boats… and it was easy to walk everywhere! There were lots of places to eat out (my favourite was the ice-cream shop) and we even went singing at the Grand Hotel (karaoke).


DSCN3788 DSCN3782
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