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Stiffy Bear Scoop – Where it all began…

My story begins in the home of a teddy-bear-maker. I was once just material, thread, buttons and stuffing. Somehow I got stitched together and before I knew it…I was ALIVE! I was first delivered by Santa to a little boy in England…later we moved to Australia where I got separated from my family. Finding a new family was going to be tough…after all, I am just a little bear!

Catch the weekly chronicles of the adventures of Stiffy the Bear!!! He will amaze you…

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HURRY! Don’t miss out on what’s new on my website

Well, my Maaaaa has been very busy doing some work on my website.

First, you can meet all my friends on the Carousel… Claude Koala and Cat are my newest friends and you can read all about them. Here’s picture of them…
Stiffy & Friends - ClaudeStiffy & Friends - Cat

There is also some special stuff happening at my bookshop…



As Claude would say “Crikey” check it out!

There is something really special happening with my song very soon! Keep watching…


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Footy Season

Well, it’s footy time again.

I like Australian Rules Football, and my favourite team is the North Melbourne Kangaroos.

When we watch the games we like to bounce around and cheer. We especially like it when we win ’cause then we also get to sing the song!

Here is a picture of me about to go out and play footy… Wee Bear thinks she is going to play as well, but she doesn’t know anything about footy!

Footy Bear


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I have been to the hospital

Boy Oh Boy!!! Being such active teddy bears, me and Wee Bear have to make sure we look after ourselves. So it was off to the doctor for a check up, all the way up to Surfers Paradise… a long, long way away.

Our special teddy bear doctor’s name is Mary. She is a very kind lady and she loves all bears.  We even slept over at Mary’s for a couple of weeks so she could look after us.

It was while we were staying with Mary that she told us that she was chosen especially by the people who made Peter Pan, at the Gold Coast, to make sure they had the right bear for their movie. She made the great big teddy bear and looked after him as he was in nearly every scene…and was even captured by the pirates!

We had lots of fun and it was almost like being on holiday. Wee Bear got some stuffing added and some new swivels. I had my stitching fixed and Mary rearranged my stuffing. We are much better now!

We were really missing Mummy and Daddy by now and so  Mary told them that we were ready to be go home. Mummy came and picked us up.

Stiffy and Wee Bear at the Doctor

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