19th May 2018 – What has Mr Stiffmeister been up to lately?

Where has Mr Stiffmeister been lately?.

Stiffy Bear, as he is affectionately known, has settled down after his cruise and his weekend at Bribie Island.

What an Adventurer!

Well, Stiffy Bear has been on a Princess Cruise up the Queensland Coast. He got on the Sea Princess in Brisbane.

First thing Stiffy Bear did was go exploring.

Here are some photos of where he went. Firstly, his mummy took him out  to look at the pool. I don’t think Stiffy Bear will be going in there. He soaks up water like a sponge and will take forever to dry out!

Oh no! Stiffy Bear has the camera… so here is also a photo from right at the top of the ship.

Stiffy and Wee Bear have been running around all over the ship and have already met most of their fellow travellers. They are very excited!

They have also heard that there is another Bear on this ship and are looking forward to meeting him.

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